Troxer Instructional Videos

This video will guide you through the installation of the Troxer PC Client, user registration and program start up

Publish a Topic's Document as a web page

This video shows you how to create a topic in the public area of your account, fill the Document of the Topic with information and then publish the Document as a web page

The text published in this example is about a couple of days hiking in Northern Spain, actually from Aviles to Ribadeo, with a stop in A Coruña, Finisterre and Santiago de Compostela. You may read the finished article here:

Adding Photo Galleries to a Topic

This video shows you how to add several photo galleries to a Topic and show them on the web.

The galleries are added to the topic that was created in the videos before. You can find them here

User Info

This video shows you how to change your user info.

User Info is the info about you and what of your personal info you want to expose to be seen by others.

Add Guest and start Conversation

This video shows you how to add a guest to your account and start a conversation with the new guest

If you are the admin of an account, then you can add guests to your PAC, or guests and members in a MAC account. Then you can connect to those guests by starting a conversation


This video shows you how to upload and download files to and from the cloud. Local files can be synchronized with the cloud

Every Topic has its own cloud storage, where editors can store their files.

Sending Files

This video shows you how to allow your guests and members to send files to you

Your guests can only send files to you if you open an "Inbox" channel for them to drop files to your "Private\Inbox" folder.

Encrypted Files using the vault

This video shows you how to save files as encrypted files in the cloud

Troxer allows you to save files encrypted in the cloud. Only folks who know the key can open those files.

Using Chat and Tasks in a School Project

This video shows you how to use tasks, write chat messages and work in a team.

The example shows you a school project, but of cause this could be any team effort, like projects at work. Just replace the students with team members and the teacher with a project lead.