- Cloud, Communication and Online Publishing
What is Troxer?

Troxer is State of the Art Cloud Storage with a superimposed data organization scheme, a communication and online publishing tool. As with any tool, Troxer's capabilities combined with your application will provide you with a complete solution.

What would be my application?

You want to ...

  • store your data in the Cloud, safely access it from around the world
  • send files to friends, customers or business partner over an encrypted line
  • send large files from a countryside hotel or island in the sun using a free but lausy Wifi connection
  • communicate email/messenger style without everybody reading your mails
  • write documents like in desktop word processing applications and publish them as web pages with a click
  • run a blog without spending money or learning complicated software
  • work in a team, manage your projects, make sure all team members talk about the same version of a document
  • run your teacher/student projects the modern way in a digitalized classroom, communicate with your students
  • keep up with your remote workers

If your application is not on the list, inquire with us. We may have a solution available to you!

How can I achieve this? The Features
  • Every user starts off with a FREE Personal Account (PAC). Then invite guests to your PAC.
  • Setup commercial Member Accounts (MAC) with multiple members, invited guests and public web publication access
  • Within the Catalog of each account, create folders and Topics. Topics are container for all the tools you need to work on your project. Topics contain ...
  • Document: A word processing document with formatting and easy picture insert. Work jointly on the document.
  • Files: Each Topic comes with its own cloud. Add directories and files, upload and synchronize local files with the Cloud
  • Forum: Comment on articles and blogs, send messages to your team mates, brainstorm ideas
  • Tasks: Maintain a list of tasks, remind yourself of things to do
  • Conversation: Improved email style communication, private, encrypted, safe, always connected to your data files
  • Galleries: Display picture galleries, add product info, cost and delivery info to display products like in online shops
  • Fully featured PC Client available for Win 7 or later
  • Troxer UI is available in English, Deutsch, Español, Français y Italiano
  • Public and private Web Access available using standard browsers
  • Communicate from anywhere using your phone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac
  • Use the powerful Search Engine to find content and the connections between data and communication
  • Define URL Extensions to directly access resources and articles from a web browser
Where can I see Troxer in action? The Videos

Watch the instructional videos and experience how easy it is to get things done using Troxer. You can do it!

Watch the videos here

Can I access Troxer with my mobile/cell phone, tablet or Mac? The Web Access
  • Public Web Access available for everybody
  • Private Web Access provides additional functionality for signed in users
  • Web Access works for laptops, tablets, pads and mobile/cell phones
What tool do I usually work with? The PC Client
Troxer PC Client UI

A PC Client is available for download and install, Win 7 or later. The PC Client gives you full featured access to all functionality. All communication to the cloud is encrypted, safe and reliable. Work and edit like you are used to from desktop applications.

A fully featured free MAC account called Trial is available to test all features

Each user maintains a personal account (PAC), that is free

How do I get started? The installation of the PC Client

Watch the installation video here

Download the installation manual

Press the download button above to access the download page for the installer.

What does it cost? Money, Money, Money
  • Install the PC Client, sign in and login: FREE
  • Work with your Personal Account (PAC): FREE and not time restricted
  • Public Web Access is for free at all times even when you are not signed up with Troxer
  • Reading articles, chat with friends, send files as a guest: FREE
  • Writing and cloud services in member accounts (MAC) requires membership. Membership in up to 20 MACs is Euro 100,- per year.
  • Maintain your own member account with members, invited guests and give public web access. Accounts start at Euro 200,- per year
  • Member accounts (MAC) can have any number of members, whereas your Personal Account (PAC) only holds you as member. Others can be guests.
  • Guests have limited access to accounts. Everybody can be a user, even when not signed up.

Inquire with StarNotation (see below)

Where can I get more info? With us and talk to your peers

Ask your friends and peers, they made be using Troxer already.

Call us at: +423 - 230 40 40 (Liechtenstein, Europe time, 9am-10pm, from the US please call in the morning, from Asia please call late afternoon)

Write to us: info (at)