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April 18th: New Spring's Resolutions

The calendar year ends on the 31st of Dec. In English that day is called "New Year's Eve". In German we call that ...

Publications\2018-04\2018-04-18 New Spring Resolutions

30. March: Jos and spring time in the Extremadura

A couple of days ago I received some pictures from Jos, a camino friend of mine, who I met on the ...

Publications\2018-03\2018-03-30 Spring in Extremadura
Travel, Hike'n Bike Travel, Hiking and Biking, Planning and Trips

Way of St. James in Switzerland

Taking off is hard

On the day of my departure from Vaduz and towards Spain, I had a lot of work to do. Bills needed to ...

Publications\Way of St James\1 Way in Switzerland


Warsaw, that capital that has to suffer for not being a beautiful city "Krakow is much more beautiful" people say. I have the luck to visit ...


The Way between Geneva and Le Puy en Velay

In Geneva I crossed the border to ...

Publications\Way of St James\2 Geneva to Le Puy

Sarlat and Surrounding Area

Sarlat la Canéda lies close to the river Dordogne. It ...

Publications\France\Dordogne\Sarlat and Surrounding Area
Toys'n Dreams Toys and dreams

Super Yachts

It's always fun looking at big machines. And if you hang out next to a port, then there might be some big toys around. Check out the ...

Publications\Boats and Yachts\Super Yachts

Lady Britt (EN/DE)

In May of 2018 I was reading about a competition of Superyachts. Looking at the results, one can tell that there are many Feadship ...

Publications\Boats and Yachts\Lady Britt

Forever One (EN/DE)

When I first saw this yacht, glimpsing through the palm trees, ...

Publications\Boats and Yachts\Forever One

Traditional Mallorcan Boat (EN/DE)

Superyachts can be quite impressive to look at, ...

Publications\Boats and Yachts\Traditional Mallorcan Boat
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Sales Representatives Wanted / Vertriebspartner gesucht


May 15th, 2018. StarNotation Inc., the publisher of is looking for sales ...

Publications\Sales Reps\Sales Reps Wanted

Adding a Watermark to Images

Troxer makes it very easy to add a watermark copyright notice on top of images. This is a way to protect your proprietary ...

Publications\Copyright Notice\Watermark

Summer of 2016

This is a short document example that is used in the manual for ...

Publications\Travelblog\My Folder 01\Summer of 2016

A couple of days in Northern Spain

I was wandering around the maps, looking for a ...

Publications\Travelblog\Camino del Norte\Days in the Norte